No Better Time

Here’s my honest truth. Lately I’ve been lazy. A couple of months ago, I felt called to start a new adventure, a blog called “Joy Unbreakable.” I went to WordPress, signed up for a domain, waded through all this technical stuff I still don’t understand…and that was it. Coronavirus lockdowns started happening and my mind froze from stress and the sheer amount of things I had to think about – disinfecting, meal prepping, elearning, TP shopping – it all came a little too fast for me. My honest truth is that I forgot all about this blog thing for a while – forgot or maybe more honestly chose to neglect it – either way, today I’m deciding to change that.

I’ve thought about starting a blog many times in the past. I just couldn’t ever settle on any particular topic or name. I like to write, but it does take time. I have worked as a writer and editor in the past, but after 10 years at home with my kids, I worried I’d lost any ability I’d ever had. And then there’s the tech aspect. Anyone who knows me knows that the hate far outweighs the love in my love-hate relationship with technology.

But two months ago, I heard the name “Joy Unbreakable” loud and clear, and all of a sudden, I knew it was time. As with everything else in my life, I have moved slowly, but nonetheless, here I am. My husband and I are in the middle of many changes in life, some are exciting, others are terrifying. What better time than now to cling to and proclaim my unbreakable joy in Jesus Christ!

Hop on over here to learn more about me and my family. I hope as the pages of this blog multiply that you will find time to visit again!  

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

Romans 12:12

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